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Teen Dermatology in Marin & San Francisco

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The teenage years are a period of significant skin changes and can be quite difficult to emotionally manage at a young age. It is best to address skin concerns earlier to prevent scarring and boost teen self-esteem. Pacific Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology is proud to offer the best teen dermatology treatments because we believe in building a healthy sense of self.


Acne is the most common skin issue that arises in teens due to the hormonal changes occurring during these years, and can lead to self-esteem issues if left untreated. At Pacific Skin we help those who are prone to consistent breakouts and those who only get the occasional pimple. There are many different types of acne including whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cystic, all of which can appear on the face, chest, and back. There is no one treatment that can help acne, but often a combination of topical and oral prescriptions is necessary to tackle the problem head on. Our team at Pacific Skin curates a custom regimen for our teenagers that simultaneously tackles acne and scarring, taking into consideration lifestyle, acne type, and skin type.


Atopic dermatitis, more commonly known as eczema, is a chronic skin condition that can present itself in teens. Eczema causes dry, itchy, inflamed skin that can cause extreme discomfort impacting ones sleep and daily activities. At Pacific Skin, we aim to help our patients manage eczema flare-ups, prevent new ones, and help restore the skin to the healthiest it can be. Treatment plans often include a combination of prescription creams and clean nonprescription products.


Warts can occur on all ages but are predominant in children and young teens. They are caused by a common virus, and can appear on the hands, feet, and legs. Pacific Skin has various treatment plans for warts, including cryotherapy, topicals, and cantharidin injections. It can take multiple treatments, usually every 3-4 weeks, for the wart to completely disappear.


While it is important that adults get full body skin exams at least once a year, Pacific Skin recommends that those with a family history of melanoma see their dermatologist at a young age. Additionally, those with an increased number of moles, new or changing moles, and increased sun exposure, should see a dermatologist to establish a skin exam schedule and learn tips on preventing skin cancer and sun spots.


Molluscum is a skin condition caused by a virus that can resemble warts as it appears as small bumps on the skin. While molluscum is contagious, it is only spread through skin-to-skin contact and is no longer considered contagious once the bumps disappear. At Pacific Skin, our team of experts uses cryotherapy, scraping of the lesions, cantharidin, and topical ointments.

Fungal Infections:

Common fungal infections include Tinea Pedis (Athlete's foot), Tinea Corporis (ring worm), and Tinea Versicolor. These fungal infections can be contracted by stepping in areas with heavy foot traffic, like gym showers, pools, and the beach. The Pacific Skin team educates our patients on how to prevent future infections and can provide oral prescriptions for severe infections. Unlike the other two, Tinea Versicolor, is caused by an overgrowth of yeast due to heat, excessive sweating, and even hormonal changes. It often looks like discolored patches on the skin that are dry, scaly, and either lighter or darker than ones normal skin tone. Our providers will educate your teen on prevention, and provide some prescription treatments options.

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