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Best Body Wash For Acne Prone Skin

Tracy Evans, MD | 05/16/2023

Is your body wash helping or hurting your acne?


Razors for Sensitive Skin

Tracy Evans, MD | 03/21/2023

Simply running a blade on sensitive skin can cause irritation. Laser hair removal is the definitive method of preventing razor bumps and irritation.


Will exercise metabolize facial injectables more quickly?

Tracy Evans, MD | 02/28/2023

Dr. Evans answers frequently asked questions about the effects of exercise on your facial injectables.


First Time Getting Botox

Jhoselene Alvarado | 11/11/2022

My First Time Getting Botox! This is how it went!


Have an infected ear piercing?

Tracy Evans, MD | 10/20/2022

What Does An Infected Ear Piercing Look Like? Here's How To Spot An Infection


Under Eye Filler Frequently Asked Questions

Tracy Evans, MD | 09/12/2022

Dr. Evans outlines the most frequently asked questions in an under eye filler consultation.


Body wash recommendations by skin type and concerns!

Tracy Evans, MD | 07/06/2022

Skin is not one type fits all, and neither is body wash. Learn what to look for in a body wash that meets your skin type needs!


Best Amazon Products for Acne

Tracy Evans, MD | 06/28/2022

Acne products from Amazon (that work!), and delivered with Prime?! Learn more!


What can I do for sun damage on my chest?!

Tracy Evans, MD | 06/21/2022

Prevention magazine sat down with Dr. Evans to talks sun damage, specifically to the chest. If you spend too much time in the sun, this is for you!


Thinking about getting a home facial steamer?

Tracy Evans, MD | 06/13/2022

Dr. Evans answers the questions we all have about a home facial steam routine!


Interview with Dr. Evans: Adult Acne, What Causes It?

Tracy Evans, MD | 06/06/2022

Dr. Evans recently sat down with NBC News to talk about a very common problem, adult acne.


Everything you need to know about fraxel lasers!

Tracy Evans, MD | 06/01/2022

What is a fraxel laser? What does it do? Do I need a fraxel treatment? Dr. Evans breaks it all down!


What is keratosis? How can you manage it?

Tracy Evans, MD | 05/26/2022

Dr.Evan's was interviewed by to help manage wedding day keratosis. Le


What is Slugging?!

Tracy Evans, MD | 04/01/2022

Social media is obsessed with the beauty trend, but is is derm approved?


Is my skin breaking out or purging?

Tracy Evans, MD | 03/16/2022

What's the difference between a break out and a skin purge? Dr. Evan's breaks it


Tips for Removing Blackheads

Tracy Evans, MD | 03/02/2022

Dr. Evans gives some tips for removing blackheads and some products to prevent them from coming back!


Amino Acids for Hair Care

Tracy Evans, MD | 02/28/2022

Learn more about using amino acids for hair care!


Pre/Post Care Instructions for Dermal Fillers

Tracy Evans, MD | 02/16/2022

Read our Pre and Post Care Instructions for Dermal Fillers here!


Pre/Post Care Instructions for Fraxel

Tracy Evans, MD | 02/16/2022

Read our Pre and Post Care Instructions for Faxel here!


Pre/Post Care Instructions for IPL Photorejuvenation/Resurfix

Tracy Evans, MD | 02/16/2022

Read our Pre and Post Care Instructions for IPL Photorejuvenation/Resurfix here!


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