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Reviews for Mohs Surgery Services in Corte Madera, CA


When it comes to the health of your skin, the only thing as important as using sunscreen is finding the right dermatologist! Cosmetic services, such as BOTOX, fillers, and CoolSculpting, as well as medical diagnoses and treatments for skin cancer and other skin conditions, require specialized knowledge and experience. We understand that it can be difficult to know what to look for in choosing the best dermatologist for your unique concerns, which is why we have included as much information on our site for you as possible. Beyond offering you detailed information on our services and the education, experience, and skills of our staff, we are so pleased to provide you with this collection of reviews from our real patients. Please browse through our patient feedback to learn more about Pacific Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology San Francisco & Marin, Dr. Tracy Evans, and our amazing staff.

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Review from J.B.  |  Source: Google  |  Jul 21, 2022

They were very professional and scanned my "Fair skinned" body for skin cancer. More

Review from E.R.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Sep 25, 2021

Dr. Evans has performed Mohs surgery on my face twice and I could not be happier with the results. For the past couple decades, I have spent almost every Summer in the South of France because I have family and friends there. Of course it is a sunny place with lots of gorgeous beaches and other outdoor activities. I guess I got a little too much sun exposure on these trips, especially since I have fair skin and blue eyes. When I first found out I had a basal cell spot on my face I was very upset, but Dr Evans and her staff are absolutely amazing!!! I had never had any surgery on my face and I was worried about it, but I truly felt I had the kind of empathy and care that you would get from a family member or a great friend, from Dr. Evans and everyone else on her team. Dr. Evans did such a great job on both surgeries and they have healed so well, so much so that no one even notices that I have had two surgeries on my face. I have been going to her office for years now with regular skin checks and I have to say I am extremely impressed with the entire staff. In addition to the Mohs surgery, and after I had basal cell a second time, I decided to get Fraxel Laser done at Dr. Evans office. A lot of people do this for cosmetic reasons, but I did it because I found out that Fraxel can help reduce the chance of getting basal cell in the future.  As a guy, I did not see myself spending thousands of $’s on laser for my face the first time, but after I got the 2nd basal cell on my face I decided it was worth the money if it reduced the chance of more basal cell in the future. I was very pleased with the Fraxel procedures and I have not had another basal cell issue since I had it, so I am very happy with the decision. The Fraxel laser procedure also evened out the toning on my face, so that was great as well.  I highly recommend the Fraxel Laser to anyone who wants to potentially reduce the chance of basal cell, and I also have been taking Nicotinamide (a special form of vitamin B) which can also potentially reduce future basal cell issues, and I use a DNA enzyme repair cream at night which reduces the chance of basal cell. As I said before, I have not had basal cell since I had the Fraxel and I think taking Nicotinamide and using the DNA enzyme repair cream all have helped. After all this I realize how important skin care is and I am grateful that I got such great care. Most of my friends never go to a dermatologist and have an ignorance is bliss attitude, but with Dr. Evans and her amazing team, I am much more aware of how important it is to get regular checks and what can be done to maintain my skin going forward. My skin looks great and people think I look much younger than my actual age. One final point: I also have a couple friends that have HMO insurance that also have had basal cell. They have had surgeries at their HMO and I can tell you the care and the results they received are not even close to the care and outstanding results I have had with Dr. Evans. In some cases, the HMO made my friends wait a long time before they could even get the Mohs surgery and they also made mistakes, and their results in terms of scarring and healing were not the best. There is no way I would trust an HMO to do this surgery. At this point, I would only trust Dr. Evans with something this important. Thanks to Dr. Evans, Clarence, Shantelle, Kirstie, Danielle, Leslie, and the entire team! You all have helped me in a difficult situation more than once and I got through it as if nothing ever happened  because of your amazing care and skills! More

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