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Post Biopsy Wound Care

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Post-Biopsy Wound Care

1.Leave the bandage in place for 48 hours and keep dry. If the bandage gets wet, replace it immediately.

2After 48 hours, you may remove the bandage and cleanse gently with soap and water.

3.Pat the wound area dry with a clean cloth.Apply Aquaphoror Cerave Healing Ointment and a band-aid.This will keep the wound moist. A moist wound heals faster and prevents scabbing which can lead to scarring.Do not use Neosporin.

4.Repeat every day until the wound is fully healed.Most wounds from a skin biopsy heal in 10-14 days. Biopsies in certain areas such as the lower legs usually take longer to heal.

5.Until the wound heals,stay out of swimming pools, hot tobs, and other places where the wound would be immersed in water. This helps prevent infection. You can take a shower. After your shower, always care for the wound.

6.If the area becomes painful, red, swollen, or has excessive drainage, please call the office immediately (SF: 415-202-1540, Marin: 415-924-2055)

7.Results from the lab may take 10-14 days. If your results are positive or require further treatment, a clinical team member will call you once the path report is received. If your results are negative, you will not receive a phone call but results will be available on your patient portal at: If you do not know your log in, please ask our front desk to reset your password. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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