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How Does Nonsurgical Skin Tightening Work?

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A vast majority of our time and resources are devoted to fighting common signs of aging. While many people consider facelift procedures to achieve their goals, invasive surgery is not always right for everyone. Pacific Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology Corte Madera offers nonsurgical skin tightening to give patients a refreshed and tighter appearance in the face and body.

So, what causes sagging skin to form in the first place? And how is nonsurgical skin tightening performed? When you visit our state-of-the-art clinic in Corte Madera and greater Marin County, CA, our professionals can review the advanced technology behind laser skin tightening. Learn about our Fraxel and ResurFX™ lasers and get the process started by scheduling a skin care consultation.

What causes sagging skin?

We all get frustrated or embarrassed by loose skin. Sometimes, it affects our self-esteem and prevents us from living an active social life. So, what causes sagging skin? Your body requires a certain amount of collagen and elastin to appear tight and healthy-looking. These proteins slowly diminish as you age, which is the main reason people experience sagging in different areas.

Another cause of sagging skin is prolonged sun exposure. UV rays have been known to seriously damage your skin cells and speed the aging process. Even though creams and moisturizers can slow down sagging early on, some people will want to take additional steps as they get older. Fraxel and ResurFX lasers are an effective way to tighten loose skin without resorting to surgery.

Benefits of nonsurgical skin tightening

There has been a high demand for nonsurgical skin tightening procedures. This is because many people are not interested in invasive incisions or lengthy recovery. Pacific Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology Corte Madera can restore skin tone with only minimal effort. Fraxel and ResurFX work by using laser energy to stimulate new collagen production. Maintaining a healthy skin care regimen and undergoing laser treatments as needed can help ensure lasting results in Corte Madera and greater Marin County, CA.

How is nonsurgical skin tightening performed?

Because your skin will be especially sensitive following laser skin tightening, our experts will ask that you limit sun exposure and use plenty of sunscreen several days prior to your appointment. So, how is nonsurgical skin tightening performed? When you arrive for your session, we will cleanse your skin and apply a topical anesthetic to make you feel comfortable. The laser applicator will pass over the skin to prompt collagen and elastin production. Depending on the number of treatment areas, the procedure could take from 30 – 90 minutes in total.

After laser skin tightening

Patients have some redness and inflammation the day of their procedure. You may also notice rough skin texture for some time afterward. However, most people can resume their normal activities on the same day. A cold compress can minimize any side effects you feel during this time. Most patients will see visible results within 2 – 6 months as the collagen begins to tighten the skin and restore skin tone. During your consultation, we can help you schedule additional treatments as needed to achieve your cosmetic goals.

Restore skin tone

Nonsurgical skin tightening provides a number of distinct benefits to patients in Corte Madera and greater Marin County, CA. If you are not interested in dramatic results without going under the knife, Pacific Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology Corte Madera gives you access to trusted technology that works. Contact our Corte Madera and greater Marin County or San Francisco office to receive your personalized plan and improve the health and tone of your skin.

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