Razors for Sensitive Skin

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Laser hair removal (LHR) is the definitive method of preventing razor bumps and irritation. For those who are not ready to move forward with laser hair removal, here are some tips for shaving. 

What are the common causes of skin irritation post-shaving?

Irritation post-shaving is due to several factors, simply running a blade on the skin can irritate it for those with sensitive skin.  The razor cutting the coarse hair at the edge of the epidermis and the new hair emerging can create irritation as well.

How do aloe and shea butter impact those with sensitive skin? What properties do they have that make them calming for the skin?

Aloe can have a cooling effect on the skin which can feel good to irritated skin.  Shea butter is a tree nut butter filled with emollients that can also hydrate the skin.  It is important to note that people can be allergic to these ingredients as well and should be tested before use for three days on the upper inner arm before trying on freshly shaved areas.

How many blades should those with sensitive skin look for in a razor?

Multiple blades are helpful for a better shave.  My favorite is the Gilette Fusion with five blades. Hairs grow in an irregular pattern so the more blades the better, and they should be closely spaced.

Many razors have skin guards — what does this mean and how can it helpful for those with sensitive skin?

Skin guards help in close areas like between the lip and the nose to protect the delicate edge of the skin in this area.

Do you recommend a razor with special features like a non-slip grip or finger grooves in order to minimize accidental nicks and cuts?

Non-slip grips can help when shaving in the shower.  If you are shaving with water and shaving cream the razor can become very slippery.

Any other features shoppers should look for in a razor if they have sensitive skin?

Using a new razor each week to insure bacteria does not accumulate in the razor over time.  Sharp blades also help to minimize irritation on the skin as you do not need to drag the razor over the skin with so much force.

Is there anything sensitive-skinned shoppers should be aware about as it relates to using razors on the pubic area specifically?

Using a gentle exfoliator such as one with alpha-beta hydroxy acids can soften the hair and help to prevent folliculitis (irritation and inflammation of the hair follicles).  It works well in the genital area where more bacteria can be found. Post-treatment with an emollient with ceramides such as cerave can be helpful as well.

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