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A warm bath with added bath salts can help to soften skin and allow moisture to penetrate your skin.  Adding salt to the water can help remove dry scales on the skin and decrease itching in certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema or atopic dermatitis. If you have an open wound, skin infection, or see an allergic reaction after using bath salts, you should avoid using them in the future. Sea salts which can have traces of Magnesium, Calcium, zinc, iron and potassium can have added benefits.  

Epsom salts, named for the town Epsom in Surrey England where they were originally discovered,  contain magnesium sulfate which can also be used in the bath.  There is no statistical evidence that the magnesium is absorbed through the skin but simply being in a warm mineral bath can help your skin feel good.  After the bath, the most important thing you can do is moisturize!  When your skin is moist, the barrier function of the skin is reduced so moisturizer can be absorbed more efficiently.   

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