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Cold weather and cracked lips, we've got tips to transition seasons!

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What causes the corners of the mouth (angular cheilitis) to crack? 

When fluid such a saliva pools in the corner of the moth, it creates an environment for yeast to grow.

Are some people more prone to this issue and can it be a sign of any underlying issues? 

People who are sensitive to yeast or fungal illnesses may have more issues such as patients who are immunosuppressed. However, wearing braces or a month guard can make you drool at night and then these mount cracks can become an issue.

What will the dermatologist prescribe as treatment? 

Over the counter lotrimin can be used.  In my clinic I prescribe nystatin ointment (an anti-yeast medication) and a mild steroid such as hydrocortisone 2.5 % to the affected area these times per day bit especially before bed

If it goes untreated, what can happen? 

In 2-4 weeks this condition can resolve. Every day it improves. If you do not treat it, sometimes it will resolve on its own but often the condition becomes worse and painful.

How can you prevent the corners of your mouth from cracking/getting flare ups? 

Apply a barrier ointment such CeraVe healing ointment or aquaphor before bed.  Interestingly, lip filler just a juvederm ultra applied in the corners of the mouth (lateral commissures) keeps the corners of the mouth turned up and can help! Filler will also help with a more youthful appearance of your lips.

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